Meester Sarge (youbreakmeopen) wrote in thechronicles,
Meester Sarge


I'm really glad to see more users appearing here.

Question: Are there things you regret about some of your more serious relationships? If you could change something about a relationship that didn't work out, what would it be?

I guess I could say something I regret is one of my more recent relationships. It was with a girl, and the only thing I really regret is it lasting too long before I realized that not only was I bi (both of us knew this), but I was actually full-on gay. I decided to experiment with a guy while I was in a relationship with this girl... I did love her, but I think I was in love with her mind more than anything. And even that became stale. It was really tumultuous at times, and when she found out about my experimenting there were a lot of trust issues. If I could change something about it, I'd have to say I would have ended it when I had doubts instead of letting it run for as long as I did.
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